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Thank you for this journey.

I am beyond happy to qualify for the Crossfit Games for the 4th consecutive year, but what I value the most is the journey there. I want to thank the people who have supported me: The Diablo Crossfit community, my family, close friends, Pichelli fans, sponsors and recovery team.

Craig Howard has gone out of his way to provide for all the Diablo athletes! A shout-out to Payam, who coached the team and strengthened the competition team. A special thank you to my girl Christy Lee aka team mom who always takes care of us during competition. Andrew D, thank you for keeping us organized, making things run smoothly and never failing to give us a good laugh. My girls for training with me and just being good friends! A forever thank you to my favorite German Achim, who without a doubt is the key to all of my success and happiness.

I have always had a pack mentality, so to see the Diablo team working in the gym for hours towards the same goal makes me feel a little less crazy. I am so fortunate that the team consists of top CrossFit athletes who are my fun training partners and good friends. The inspirational stories from our gym motivate me to keep going every day. I cannot count how many times friends have talked me off a ledge, provided motivational encouragement and have given comical relief in times of severe anxiety pre-competition. I am so fortunate that I can walk into the gym at any time of the day and always find someone to work out/ suffer with me.

All Pichelli fans out there are another source of motivation. The kind messages of encouragement truly mean a lot to me. To learn that I have inspired someone to pursue their goals is one of the most rewarding feelings. James Cooper and Trevor Bachmeyer have been crucial in keeping my body healthy and tuned up this season. These health care professionals are very knowledgeable and talented! In addition to being extremely skilled in their specialty, they are amazing friends! Lastly, I would like to thank my long-term sponsors Reebok and Amara who have remained supportive and have continued to believe in me.

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